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WFM Localization

Genesys localizes (translates) Workforce Management (WFM) into a number of languages. You can localize WFM 8.1 components by using Genesys localization software or by using the self-localization method.

If Genesys localizes into your language, you can use the Genesys-provided localization software to localize WFM Daemon, Server, Builder, Data Aggregator, and Web. Otherwise, you can use the self-localization method to localize WFM Web Supervisor and Agent. Contact your Genesys sales representative to inquire about specific localized versions.

The two methods of localization are described in detail in the following topics.

Using Genesys Localization Software

Using Self-Localization

Legal Notice:

Customer-enabled language translation functionality is provided on an as-is basis for internal use only. Outside distribution of this functionality and/or any translation(s) created using such functionality is not permitted except under a separate agreement negotiated with Genesys specifically for the purpose of distributing Genesys-related translations.

Partners who intend to redistribute translated versions must first sign the GENESYS PARTICIPANT ENABLED LANGUAGE TRANSLATION AGREEMENT consistent with the "Participant Enabled Language Translation Distribution License".

This does not imply or ensure that all preferred elements of localization within the product for any possible locale are done. For example, right to left mirroring (Arabic) or vertical text presentation (some Chinese).
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