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SIP and GVP Support Tables

SIP-related Guidelines for Supported Media Interfaces

  • Genesys Customer Care and product teams support integrations to the devices and SIP trunks listed in these tables. Expectations of this support are as follows:
    • Each integration has been successfully tested, either directly by Genesys or in cooperation with a partner.
    • Support focuses on the integration aspects including the SIP signaling and media (RTP) for typical/common deployment configurations.
    • Support typically extends across an entire product line which shares common software or firmware.
    • Support typically across a range of releases. For example, 4.x indicates that support is extended to any release that starts with the major version 4, such as 4.0.3, 4.1, and so on. This policy is based on practical experience of excellent backward compatibility by both Genesys and our partners.
    • Support is based on an end-to-end view of a deployment; Genesys requires that devices or trunks connected via an SBC must also be supported (the SBC does not provide complete isolation).
    • Application notes are posted for many of the integrations.
    • Genesys Customer Care will not troubleshoot 3rd party components; Genesys does work with SIP Select partners for joint troubleshooting.
    • Entries are typically removed from the SMI when a product or software version reaches End of Support.
    • Deployments with other SIP devices or trunks not listed in these tables require “field validation”. Consult with Product Management or On Demand Solutions for more information.
  • Genesys recommends devices in our SIP Select program, which benefit from full-featured and thoroughly tested integrations plus joint troubleshooting with the Partners.


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