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Support means the software can run “on top of” or “in conjunction with” the specified media component (such as the switch, IVR, and others), and Genesys Customer Care provides answers to questions and problems, assuming the appropriate Maintenance Agreement is in effect. This support does NOT indicate a commitment to support any particular features of that media component (such as the switch). The tables in this manual are based on the vendors’ compatibility statements. Genesys may require customers to upgrade to a particular version level, operating system, or database. Unless specified, all versions between the minimum version and the latest version are supported. In the tables in this manual:

  • ‘-’ indicates not applicable.
  • ‘No’ indicates that support currently does not exist.
  • ‘HA Warm’ refers to the support of Redundancy/Warm Standby service.
  • ‘HA CTI’ refers to the support of High Availability CTI (alias Hot Standby) service. Genesys provides support for those applications specifically mentioned in this document. For other applications or solutions that are not mentioned, please consult the Genesys Product Manager for that application or solution.

Version support for Genesys products: Genesys solutions using specific operating systems and databases are made Generally Available (GA) within a given release of the suite. Version support “6.1+”, for example, indicates that the Genesys solution or component is available in all Genesys 6 releases from Genesys 6.1 and higher; up to and including the latest available release. Support for “6.1” without the “+” sign means support for 6.1 only.

Version support for platforms (OS, DBMS, browsers): This document identifies vendor product versions as “x.y,” or in some cases, “x.y.z.” Although vendors often produce “dot releases,” this document identifies only major release numbers. Genesys supports the minor releases based on the vendor’s compatibility policy.


Genesys provides controlled support for eligible customer configurations. Genesys Professional Services can perform on site assessment, testing, and validation of your configuration to determine eligibility. For more information, consult your Genesys Account Manager.

Tiered Support

Genesys enforces a two-tier support policy for operating systems and databases, and gives priority to the support of major environments. Tier 1 environments include market dominant operating systems and databases, and operating systems and databases whose vendors have accepted to sign a joint development agreement with Genesys. As a consequence, in case of a new release of the Genesys suite, Genesys may provide support for Tier 2 operating systems and databases at a later stage. Genesys provides the list of operating systems and databases supported as part of the release announcement, and then discloses plans for supporting additional platforms at a later stage. This document reflects the actual support at the time it is published.

Maintenance Operable Components

The following core components are included into Framework components:

  • T-Server
  • Database Server
  • Management Layer
  • Stat Server

These components are backward-compatible between releases. The latest release of these interoperable components can be used as a maintenance release for previous releases. These components are known as maintenance interoperable components.


The information contained in this document is provided for summary-at-a-glance purposes. Restrictions and prerequisites may apply as per product release notes. Although reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information in this document is complete and accurate at the time of release, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for any existing errors. The changes and/or corrections to the information contained in this document may be incorporated in future versions.

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