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Section: agg-feature
Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: None. This option takes no values—its presence alone within the [agg-feature] section issues the described instructions to RAA.
Changes Take Effect: After restart of the aggregation process
Introduced: 8.5.009

Instructs RAA to enable the AGT_CHAT_THREAD table (AGT_CHAT_THREAD_STATS in release 9.0.011 and earlier). To have RAA exclude chat thread data, remove this option from this section.

Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/26/19 General X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • New aggregate table — CHAT_THREAD_STATS is added to support reporting on thread-specific data, and a new option, enable-chat-thread is added to control the population of the aggregate table. (GII-6558)
  • Enhanced logging — RAA now logs detailed information about the following events:
    • Established connections.
    • Closed connections.
    • Failed connection attempts.
    For more information, see the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates User's Guide. (GII-6548)
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
    • Updated third-party drivers, including JDBC, are provided in the Installation Package (IP), as described in the table Supported Driver Versions in the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Deployment Guide. Unused libraries are no longer included in the IP. (GII-6550).
    • The QUEUE_GRP aggregate now includes the DEFERRED metric. (GII-6564)
    • The QUEUE aggregate now includes the DEFERRED metric. (GII-6557)
    • Support for Turkish and Azeri collations on Microsoft SQL deployments; however, support is case insensitive. (GII-6547)
    • Support for Java 11. See the Prerequisites section on the Genesys Customer Experience Insights page in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for more detailed information and a list of all prerequisites. (GII-6511)
    • Support for Oracle Thin Driver (ojdbc) 12.2. (GII-6565)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The calculation of the AGENT, AGENT_QUEUE, and I_AGENT aggregates is refined, resulting in more appropriate values in certain scenarios. (GII-6555)

The CHAT_AGENT aggregate now provides more consistent reporting on passive chat sessions. Previously in some scenarios, a value of 0 was incorrectly recorded for some metrics. (GII-6545)

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

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