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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
07/27/17 General X X

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • GAX Configuration Manager improvements:
    • GAX can be put into Read Only or Emergency Mode to prevent any changes to the Configuration Database by anyone except a member of the Super Administrators Group. (GAX-9235)
    • You can now perform Global Searches for configuration objects in Configuration Manager based on type, name, tenant, and state. (GAX-9286)
    • You can now modify and edit options of multiple configuration objects simultaneously. (GAX-8855)
    • You can now bulk provision Agent Logins for agents. (GAX-9246)
    • Bulk Change Set (BCS) functionality is now hidden by default and not recommended for use. BCS will not be enhanced in the future and will be deprecated over time. Users are encouraged to use the Bulk Provisioning functions from the Configuration Manager menu instead. However, BCS capability can still be enabled using the option enable_bulk_change_sets if required. (GAX-8846)
  • Audio Resource Management Auditing: You can now determine who added, modified, or removed Audio Resources and Personalities, and who reprocessed, downloaded, or deleted Audio Resources by viewing Audit logs in Centralized Logs. (GAX-9287)
  • Security enhancements:
    • GAX now supports the cipher suites used by Jetty, which must be configured based on your security requirements. (GAX-9361)
    • You can configure GAX to use token-based authentication on user connections with Configuration Server. This enables GAX users to be authenticated externally using SAML with the customer’s IDP without the need for Configuration Server to go through LDAP connections. (GAX-8851)

  • Enhanced database connections:
    • GAX now uses Microsoft JDBC Driver for MS SQL Server connections. (GAX-9360)
    • You can now use a customized JDBC URL when configuring a Database Access Point (DAP) for the GAX Database instead of using a connection based on the DAP object itself. (GAX-9388)
    • On Windows, you can now access the GAX Database (only for MS SQL database) with Windows user credentials using the custom JDBC URL. (GAX-9500)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

This release fixes a security issue relating to a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability. (GAX-9452)

The audio resource file menu, which appears when hovering over the name of an assigned audio resource, now works properly. Previously, if the file name was in single quotation marks (' '), the menu would not appear. (GAX-9378)

The DN field Alias can now be imported or exported with other fields using a .csv file. Previously, this field was not one one of the fields that could be imported or exported. (GAX-9370)

The list of iWD Business Structure objects can now be collapsed, as before. Previously, in only GAX 8.5.240, the list could not be collapsed. (GAX-9364)

GAX no longer supports Cloud mode (no relation to Genesys cloud architecture) in the Agent Management dashboard. The Agent Management dashboard is also hidden by default, but can be made visible in Premise mode in System Preferences. This Premise mode no longer supports the automated agent creation logic, and has been replaced with the same logic as used with bulk provisioning of Agents (Persons or Users) in GAX Configuration Manager.

Previously, Agent Logins were being deleted by the automated agent creation logic, which overwrote the Agent Logins during bulk provisioning.

(GAX-9357, GAX-9279)

When using an Oracle database, Log messages are now split based on bytes before being sent to Message Server. Previously, lengthy log messages with multi-byte characters, which take up more space in the database, were sometimes truncated by Message Server when written to the Log Database. (GAX-9331, GAX-8755)

While creating an Operational Parameter of type Configuration Object, the Value autocomplete list and the browse list (the folder icon) displays objects in all Tenants to which the User has permissions. Previously, the lists did not contain all of the objects. (GAX-9324)

GAX can once again establish a secure connection (using TLS) to Message Server and to Solution Control Server. This functionality was broken in earlier 8.5.2 releases because of a problem in related software. That problem has been fixed. (GAX-9305, GAX-9290)

When using setup mode for a new deployment, GAX now waits until the primary Configuration Server is fully started (that is, no longer in read-only mode) before installing the backup Configuration Server. Previously, if the primary server was not fully started (that is, was in read-only mode) when GAX tried to install the backup server, GAX generated an error and terminated setup mode. (GAX-9285)

GAX now encrypts the Java keystore password before storing it in the gax.properties file. Previously, it was stored unencrypted in a different file. (GAX-9244)

The slider control for setting Time Ranges for Operational Parameters operates with respect to time intervals set by some Tenant users. Previously, for only Tenant Users, the slider operated with 1-minute granularity and the user had to reset their chosen granularity in User Preferences. (GAX-9243)

Users can now resume a bulk import that was in progress when GAX terminated unexpectedly. Although this is a rare occurrence, there was previously no way to resume the import; it had to be restarted from the beginning. (GAX-8688)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Translation Support.

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