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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/29/18 Hot Fix X X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

GAX now allows you to edit the numeric-type options of any COM object even if the metadata file doesn’t have a range specified for it. (GAX-9793)

The Centralized Logs page now correctly loads log messages with IDs that contain more than 10 digits. (GAX-9771)

GAX now correctly parses CSV files on the Options tab of all configuration objects. Previously, GAX could not correctly parse a CSV file during import if the file contained a comma (,) character. (GAX-9767)

The following new security parameters are added to the gax.properties file:

  • permitted_cross_domain_policies
  • expect_ct
  • public_key_pins

If required by your security policy, you can configure these parameters to add them to HTTP response headers. Otherwise, no action is required. 


GAX now displays a warning message when the template is changed for any existing application object.  (GAX-9752)

The parameters in a Parameter Group Template are now retained when Select All is used with the Quick Filter. Previously, in this scenario, parameters that were not included in the applied Quick Filter list were removed. (GAX-9725)

The message in the Agent Dashboard Import pop-up window now displays correctly in Internet Explorer 11. (GAX-9721)

The Status column is now removed from the Backup Server selection window for Application objects. Previously, the status of the Application was always displayed as "Unknown".  (GAX-9678)

GAX now correctly displays the DN name in the Manage options dialog. Previously, if an alias name was empty for a DN, the DN name was displayed as an empty value. (GAX-9676)

GAX no longer throws an exception error if you upload an application metadata XML file that contains numeric variables that do not specify a range of values. (GAX-9654)

The filter for the Agent Management Skill column now correctly applies an AND condition when two skills are separated by a comma (,). Previously, the filter would incorrectly apply an OR condition. (GAX-9649)

The GAX Applications page now correctly displays the execution mode for Folders and Applications. (GAX-9630)

GAX now displays a valid value from the transaction object if the user chooses Value from Transaction Object. Previously, GAX displayed an empty value if users chose Value from Transaction Object for the Audio ResourcePersonality, and Configuration Object parameter types while editing a parameter group. (GAX-9627)

GAX now successfully loads in Internet Explorer browser versions 10 and 11 even if the PingOne extension is installed and enabled. (GAX-9621)

GAX now correctly allows the port of an application to be changed. Previously, GAX wouldn't allow changes to the port of an application if other applications were present in the Dependencies tab. (GAX-9595)

When two component objects share the same DBID on Configuration Server, GAX no longer copies the details on the Dependencies tab of one object to the Dependencies tab of the other. (GAX-9590)

The Column Filter now correctly loads the data and displays the list much faster than before. Earlier, some performance issues occurred when large numbers of agents were filtered.  (GAX-9567)

When a deployed audio resource is deleted, GAX no longer incorrectly deletes the personality associated with it. (GAX-9565)

The Show Column filter in the Agent Dashboard now works correctly in localized versions of GAX. (GAX-9776, GAX-9777)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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