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Genesys Administrator Extension 8.5.x Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
07/31/14 General X X

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What's New

This section was updated on 10/03/14 and 03/11/15 to indicate the availability of additional Language Packs.

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Language Packs
    • This release of Genesys Administrator Extension supports the following Language Packs. Consult the Language Pack release note for information about changes to the Language Pack that might affect the functionality of Genesys Administrator Extension 8.5.
      • Chinese (Simplified)
      • Czech
      • French
      • French (Canadian)
      • German
      • Italian
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Polish
      • Portuguese (Brazilian)
      • Russian
      • Spanish (Latin American)
      • Turkish
  • These Language Packs are supported only by 8.5.0 releases of Genesys Administrator Extension, starting with this release. They are not supported by 8.1.4 and earlier releases of Genesys Administrator Extension.
  • Product translation is limited to contents of this product only. Display data coming from other products might appear in English.
  • Language Packs are not currently supported by the Offline Documentation option for accessing Help content.
  • General Features
    • Online Help—The context-sensitive Online Help system delivers the latest information about GAX and its features. Refer to the Related Resources section of this Release Note for more information about using this feature.
    • Command Line Console—Use the command line to add, delete, and query solution definitions (SPDs) and installation packages (IPs), as well as execute SPDs.
  • Dashboards
    • System Monitoring—Dashboards help you to easily monitor and manage Alarms, Hosts, Solutions, Applications, and processes that you have deployed for your contact center. You can also use plug-ins to expand dashboard functionality to monitor statistics and other reporting data.
    • Log Configuration—Use GAX's simplified interface to configure logs to monitor Applications, Hosts, and Solutions.
  • Configuration Object Management
    • Consolidated Agent Management—The Agents window consolidates all aspects of agent management into a streamlined interface. From one window, you can:
      • Create agents and their associated objects such as Agent Logins, DNs, and Places.
      • Edit agent information.
      • Copy, delete, and enable/disable agents.
  • Audio Resource Management
    • New Interface—The Audio Resource Management interface has been overhauled to enable you to quickly upload and manage audio resources and personalities.

Resolved Issues

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

GAX now provides an error message if you upload an audio resource and the operation fails. Previously in this scenario, GAX provided an error message, but the message content could have been blank. (GAX-6674)

GAX now properly handles a negative value for the inactivity_timeout configuration option. If you provide a negative value for inactivity_timeout, the option is disabled. (GAX-6637)

SPD files (solution definitions) that use the selectMultiple input type can now use the default attribute to select multiple items for input selection by default. (GAX-6549)

The Description field is no longer visible in the Parameter Groups list. (GAX-6327)

GAX now properly displays certain letters (for example, g and q) in the user interface. Previously, the bottom of these letters might have been cut off in some dialog boxes. (GAX-6068)

Internet Explorer users are no longer logged out of GAX after they press Enter in the text input fields of certain plug-ins. (GAX-5777)

Hosts are now listed alphabetically in the Software Installation Wizard when users are deploying installation packages (IPs). (GAX-5757)

GAX now allows users to set blank (empty) passwords. (GAX-5708)

The following improvements have been made to Solution Deployment:

  • IP Deployment Wizard—A new check box, Configure client side port functionality, is available in the Application Parameters section. When this check box is selected, the wizard ignores the following silent.ini parameters during the deployment process: transport-port and transport-address.
  • SPD Authoring—A new list name, silentInstallRemove, is available for the Operation System Manipulation Element <os:installPackage>. Parameters that are set in this list are removed from the silent.ini file used for installation.


GAX now correctly recognizes Host object names regardless of case. Previously, GAX might fail to recognize a Host object if you entered an object name in upper-case letters and the actual object name was in lower-case letters, or vice-versa. (GAX-5534)

CSV files downloaded from GAX now properly display content. Previously, some CSV files that were downloaded from GAX were empty. (GAX-5514)

The times shown in the Deployed Solutions window are now correctly adjusted for the time zone that is selected in the Preferences menu. (GAX-5422)

When configuring an object in GAX, the Port ID is automatically added by GAX. Because the Port ID is checked only when the applications are started, even if a backup Configuration Server and a primary Configuration Server are configured with the same port on the same host, both server objects can still be saved. Previously in this scenario, the two objects required a port already defined in which the Port ID field had a value of default. (GAX-5169, GAX-5171)

You can now view long names and descriptions for dashboards in a ToolTip. Previously, long names and descriptions for dashboards were not viewable in certain windows if there was limited display space. (GAX-5050)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Translation Support.

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