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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
03/03/17 General X X

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Bulk provisioning of configuration objects—You can now provision new and existing objects in bulk by preparing a CSV (comma-separated values) file outside of GAX, and then importing it into GAX. You can also export data for selected (or all) objects of those types from GAX into a CSV file, modify it as required, and import it back into GAX. GAX can also generate template CSV files, which you can save and use to prepare import CSV files. This feature applies to the following object types:

    • DN and DN Groups
    • Places and Place Groups
    • Persons (Users)
    • Agent Groups

  • Enhanced change confirmation dialogs—Before completing configuration changes, especially those involving deletion of data or objects, the user must explicitly acknowledge the impact of the changes before submitting the changes.

  • Enhanced interface and improved usability: The GAX interface has been enhanced as follows:

    • The Applications tab in System Dashboard now includes a column that shows the folder path for each Application, starting with the Tenant name, making it easier to find specific Applications.
    • Tables of configuration options now include two more columns, one showing the name including the section, and the other showing the section name only. The sections can still be collapsed, as before.
    • On configuration screens, the text of the Delete button now reads Delete <object type>, to prevent the unintentional deletion of the whole object when the intent was to delete only a property.
    • The object list views in Configuration Manager now display the total number of objects in the Folder, the number selected by a filter (if any) applied to that list, and the number of agents selected (if any).
    • When cloning an object, specific properties can be configured to not be copied to the new object.
    • Personalities are now displayed in order of their names. Specific columns can also be configured to be shown/hidden in the view. In addition, the number of personalities available to Audio Resource IDs in single-tenant configurations is increased from 100 to 1000, with the range changing from 0-99 to 0-999. Use this option with extreme caution.
    • Applications and Solutions can now be started and stopped directly from the Application object list and Solution object list views, respectively, in Configuration Manager.
    • The GAX Capacity Wizard now accepts a value of 0 (zero) as maximum capacity, thereby disabling routing to a particular media.
    • Statistical Day objects can now be adjusted to account for the extra day in a leap year.

  • Support for the following Databases and Browsers:

    • MS SQL Server 2014 DBMS
    • Microsoft Edge browser
    See the Supported Operating Environment: Genesys Administrator page for more detailed information and a list of all supported databases.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

GAX now displays a full list of parameters in an Operational Paramer Group. Previously, if the group contained a parameter of type Schedule, and that parameter did not contain a value, any parameters after that one were not displayed. (GAX-9298)

GAX now displays the values of Routing Parameters of type Schedule in the History Details window. Previously, these parameters were always displayed with a value of null. (GAX-9282)

GAX now properly displays all accessible Transaction objects in a Parameter Group. Previously, some Transaction objects were displayed as Transaction Inaccessible, and when selected, all of its controls were disabled except the radio buttons. After clicking a radio button, the transaction was able to be saved, after which it became fully accessible with fully enabled controls.(GAX-9247)

GAX now displays the Save button for a Parameter Group after an empty parameter of Schedule Type is edited, so that additional parameters can be added to the group. Previously, the Save button disappeared, and without saving the group, no more parameters could be added. (GAX-9242)

GAX, localized with the German Language Pack, now allows a custom date range to be set for viewing the Centralized Logs. Previously, the From and To controls did not work. (GAX-9232)

GAX can now be installed securely using the setenv.sh script. Previously, this script was unable to communicate the security settings with another script, so the installation stayed unsecured. (GAX-9231)

GAX and Genesys Administrator now synchronize the dates and times of Statistical Day objects. Previously, the dates and times of a Statistical Day object were sometimes not the same in the two interfaces. (GAX-9222)

GAX now appears properly when installed as a new tab in other Genesys applications, such as Workspace Web Edition. Previously in this scenario, the other application would accept the installation but the GAX tab would not show the GAX login page. (GAX-8883)

This release removes a security vulnerability relating to unauthenticated access. (GAX-8868)

GAX now accounts for Daylight Savings Time if the Time Zone is configured specifically; that is, not using the System Settings. (GAX-8864)

GAX now displays the list of Applications and their correct status, as expected, after a Solution Control Server switchover. Previously in this scenario, the Application list view went blank and when it did recover, the status of the Solution Control Server running in primary mode was incorrect. (GAX-8821)

GAX now loads the configuration options from a Transaction object's Options and Application Options (the annex) tabs. Previously in this scenario, GAX tried to load the page, then gave up trying after an internal timeout expired. (GAX-8814)

GAX now permits an object to be moved to a root folder from a child folder, even if the DBID of the object matches that of one of the folders. Previously in this scenario, GAX would not allow the action. (GAX-8731)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Translation Support.

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