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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
10/31/16 General X X

What's New

This section was updated on 05/31/17 to indicate the availability of Language Packs.

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Improved access control for operational Parameter Groups: Parameter Group Templates can now be deployed to Folders of type Transaction within the Tenant. The resulting Parameter Group has the same access permissions as the Folder.
  • Enhanced interface: The GAX interface has been enhanced as follows:
    • The Agents View now displays the total number of agents associated with the Tenant and available for display, the number of agents (if any) selected by a filter applied to that list, and the number of agents (if any) selected for editing.
    • After editing an agent or an Audio Resource, GAX now retains the sort order and filter results of the list from which the object was selected for editing. The modified record is displayed in its proper place in the sorted list, so no scrolling is needed to view it.
  • Language Packs—Two additional languages are supported beginning with this release of Genesys Administrator Extension:
    • Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
    • Chinese (Traditional)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

GAX now sorts the list of Skill object Dependencies in the proper order with a single click. Previously, a correct sort required at least two or three clicks. (GAX-8816)

GAX now displays the full list of Agents in the Agent view when the Column Filter box is cleared. Previously in this scenario, GAX ignored the change in the Column Filter box, and did not change the displayed agents; that is, the results from the previous filter in the Column Filter were displayed. (GAX-8802)

A running instance of GAX no longer terminates after Local Control Agent (LCA) has been upgraded and restarted. Previously in this scenario, LCA did not recognize the GAX object as running and tried to start a new instance. This caused the existing instance of GAX to terminate unexpectedly, and then the new instance also failed. (GAX-8786)

GAX now sorts Transaction List configuration option sections and options in the correct order on the Options tab for Transaction Lists, as indicated by the Sort icon (double arrow) in the Key column header. Previously, the default sort order (ascending) sorted the list correctly, but clicking the Sort icon to sort in descending order listed the sections in random order. (GAX-8777)

This release fixes security vulnerabilities that affected several parts of the interface. (GAX-8785, GAX-8780, GAX-8531)

The performance of the GAX user interface when sorting large files improves significantly when using the Quick Filter. Previously, the Quick Filter was not reliable and using column filters was the only alternative. The Quick Filter has been enhanced to work properly and efficiently. The performance improvement is especially evident when using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. (GAX-8761)

GAX now properly stores a log message longer than 254 characters into the Log Database by splitting the message into 254-character sections, adding a control character at the end of each section but the last, then inserting the sections into the database. Previously, GAX would not store the log in the database, generating the following message instead: Std 11052 Insertion of log message into the log database failed. (GAX-8755)

In the Google Chrome browser, GAX now displays the correct information in the Agent window when the user tries to edit or add an agent. Previously, the GAX user's login username and password credentials appeared in the agent's Email and Password fields on the User Information tab of the Agent, and unless manually updated with the Agent's credentials, were stored in the Configuration Database. (GAX-8658)

GAX now properly displays the correct status of a plug-in, enabling the Enable or Disable buttons as appropriate. Previously, the status of the plug-in was not stored correctly, and caused the two buttons to fluctuate inconsistently with the actual status. (GAX-8623)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Translation Support.

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