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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
10/27/17 Hot Fix X X

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What's New

This release includes only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

GAX now saves user preferences in the Person object, by default. If the [general] userpreference_in_transaction GAX application option is set to true, then GAX saves user preferences in the Transaction object in the Transactions/UserPreference folder. In this case, GAX copies only the annex sections starting with the option ga_preferences., from the Person annex to the Transaction annex. When GAX creates the Transaction object, GAX removes all access permissions (for users and access groups) to the Transaction object, except the default user and the current user. Previously, GAX copied unnecessary information into the Transactions/UserPreferences folder. (GAX-9542)

GAX now successfully restarts as expected during Configuration Server High Availability (when the backup Configuration Server acts as the primary server and the primary Configuration Server acts as the backup server). Previously, GAX failed to restart in this scenario. (GAX-9526)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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