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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/08/15 General X X

What's New

This section was updated on 07/28/15 to indicate the availability of Language Packs.

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Bulk assignment of Skills to multiple Agents—You can now assign Skills and associated ratings to multiple Agents with one click. You can also create and assign a new Skill within a single view.
  • Preferred hosts for Solution Deployment—You can now specify a list of preferred hosts (called whitelisted hosts) to and from which Installation Packages are sent and retrieved.
  • Support for new version of PostgreSQL Database Management System—GAX now supports PostgreSQL version 9.3.
  • Instructions for installing ARM Runtime Server on Windows—Instructions are now available for setting up the Audio Resource Management Runtime Server on Windows.
  • Language Packs—This release of Genesys Administrator Extension supports the following Language Packs. Consult the Language Pack release notes for information on changes to the Language Pack that may affect the functionality of Genesys Administrator Extension.
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Czech
    • French (France)
    • French (Canada)
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • Russian
    • Spanish (Latin American)
    • Turkish
  • These Language Packs are supported only by 8.5.2 releases of Genesys Administrator Extension, starting with this release. They are not supported by 8.5.0 and earlier releases of Genesys Administrator Extension.
  • Product translation is limited to contents of this product only. Display data coming from other products might appear in English.
  • Language Packs are not currently supported by the Offline Documentation option for accessing Help content.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

You can now save an Agent when Place information is entered using the keyboard, or from the dropdown list of Places. Previously, GAX would let you save an Agent only if the Place information was selected from the dropdown list. (GAX-8078)

This version of GAX removes a potential password exposure vulnerability. (GAX-8069, GAX-8049)

In the Agent Management view of GAX, you can now assign agents to Places with no DNs. Previously in GAX, DNs had to be configured for Places when editing agents. (GAX-8058)

The GAX Deployment Guide has been updated with correct instructions for configuring GAX to deploy Solutions using the Genesys Deployment Agent over a connection secured by TLS. (GAX-8056)

GAX now displays Statistical Days correctly, according to the GAX user or system preferences. The GAX user will have to be in the same timezone as the server application (URS) to view the Statistical Day as interpreted by the server. Previously, GAX displayed the Statistical Day according to the local system settings of the GAX browser. (GAX-8035)

The GAX install script now runs to completion and creates all necessary configuration tables on non-English installations. Previously on non-English installations, the script sometimes mis-interpreted a localized warning message and terminated installation before all tables were installed. (GAX-8012)

GAX now properly executes a Bulk Change Set that includes new Agents, if the properties of one of those new Agents have been displayed from the Additions panel before the Bulk Change Set is saved. Previously in this scenario, the Set was not executed. If the properties of a new Agent were not displayed before saving the Set, GAX did execute the Set. (GAX-8011)

GAX now clones a Person object correctly. Previously, all of the parameters of the original object were sometimes not copied. (GAX-8010)

GAX now allows a User to save an Application even if the User has only Update permission, and not Read and Write permissions, on the Application object. Previously, the User needed Read and Write permissions on the Application object to save the Application properties; otherwise, the update would fail. (GAX-8003)

GAX now displays the correct overall status of changes to objects in the Execution Progress panel of the Bulk Change Sets screen, while uploading and executing a .CSV file. If an error occurs, the error mark also indicates the correct record in which the error occurred.

Previously, the status was displayed only when the whole process was complete. This caused some users to think that perhaps the operation had stalled or even failed. If an error was encountered, the error mark did not always indicate the correct erroneous record. (GAX-7988, GAX-7949 [GAX-7939])

GAX now displays Operational Parameter Groups properly if they contain special characters. Previously in this scenario, GAX stopped responding, and had to be manually restarted and the special characters removed. (GAX-7928)

The correct GAX version is now displayed in the Configuration Server Application object if GAX is upgraded using Setup mode with the existing deployment of the existing Application. Older versions of the GAX Application did not display the upgraded version. (GAX-7891)

GAX now trims any blank spaces off of option names when importing options from a configuration file. Previously, when Annex options were exported from Genesys Administrator to a file with an extension of .cfg, the option names were preceded by a blank space, and were imported by GAX with that space becoming a part of the option name. As a result, some Configuration Server clients were unable to use those options properly. (GAX-7847)

This release removes a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability. (GAX-7809)

GAX now keeps the Filter field activated for all Calling Lists, enabling you to add or edit a filter in the Calling List properties. Previously, starting in GAX release 8.5.0, if you did not select a filter when creating a new Calling List, you were unable to add a filter the next time that you accessed the Calling List properties. (GAX-7785)

GAX and GAX plug-in users now have the correct access control restrictions with respect to the Environment tenant in the Tenant filter. Previously, those users could select the Environment tenant irrespective of their actual access control. (GAX-7777 [GAX-5429])

GAX now creates a Statistical Day object with date values set to Any in only either of the following scenarios:

  • Month is set to Any, while Month and Day are set to specific values. For example: Year-Any,Month-3-March,Day-9.
  • Year, Month, and Day are set to Any; for example, Year-Any,Month-Any,Day-Any.

Any other combination of Any and specific values in these three fields will now result in GAX generating an error message, and not creating the Statistical Day object.

Previously, GAX accepted any combination of Any in the three fields, created the object, and did not generate an error. (GAX-7747)

GAX no longer terminates unexpectedly after an unsuccessful login attempt. Previously, GAX running in IE 9 would sometimes terminate unexpectedly if, after an unsuccessful login attempt (because you entered an incorrect password), you corrected the password and tried to log in. (GAX-7677)

GAX now enables you to change Application ports when the Application has dependencies. There is a small disruption of service associated with this, but GAX gives you the choice of following through with the change despite the potential service disruption, or not making the change. Previously, you could only change the Application port if the Application had no dependencies. (GAX-7670)

Solution Package Definitions (SPD files) can now be used to Log on as SYSTEM, using the new attribute issystemaccount for the <cfg:updateAppLogOnAs> tag. Refer to the GAX Developers Guide. Previously, this field had to be updated manually after creating the application object with the SPD file. (GAX-7665)

GAX no longer activates the Add Person and Add Access Group buttons on the Permissions tab when the tab is selected by a user without Read Permissions and Change Permissions privileges. Previously in this scenario, no privileges were displayed but the buttons were activated, allowing the user to assign permissions to selected Users and Access Groups. (GAX-7657)

You can now use GAX to stop an Application with a status of Service Unavailable. Previously, GAX did not stop an Application with this status. (GAX-7525)

GAX now provides a consistent error message that you cannot play Audio Resource files on Internet Explorer. You must download the file and play it. Previously, GAX displayed different error messages on different versions and different installations of Internet Explorer. (GAX-7439)

The GAX Deployment Guide descriptions of Role Privileges for managing Skills and Agent Groups have been updated to reflect more accurately the actions they allow and what controls are visible and/or enabled. Previously, the descriptions did not always match the actual effects. (GAX-7420)

GAX now checks to see if a record has been modified concurrently by another application, if the enable_web_notification option is set to true in the gax.properties file. This new option is set to false by default. Previously, GAX did not check to see if a record had been modified concurrently by another application, so that when users saved their changes to the object, their changes were saved and overwrote any changes previously saved during the concurrent sessions. (GAX-7362)

When a new user is created in GAX, you can now configure GAX to assign Read/Update permissions to his or her own account, by default. Previously, new users had to be explicitly granted these permissions after they were created. Use the new option grant_new_user_self_readupdate to specify this behavior, as follows:

[configurationmanager] (new section)
Default value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Specifies if new users are to be granted Read/Update permissions to their own accounts at creation. If set to true, new users are granted these permissions by default when created. If set to false (the default), new users are created with no default permissions, and Read/Update permissions to their own account must be granted explicitly after the accounts are created.


Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

Supported Languages

See Translation Support.

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