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New Features

The following pages contain new features added to Universal Routing added after the last publication of the Universal Routing 8.1 Reference Manual.

This supplement provides descriptions of new features introduced in Universal Routing 8.1.4 as part of the Continuous Delivery project. It also contains updates to the Universal Routing 8.1 Reference Manual.

The current documentation set for Universal Routing can be found here.

New 8.1.4 Features

The following features are described in this supplement:

Released in Version New Feature Date Released
URS 8.1.400.83
Improved EWT Accuracy Dec 03, 2021
URS 8.1.400.81
URS now allows specifying attributes in XML elements in SOAP requests. Attributes with assigned values must be defined in the Key field in Request Parameters of a Web Service object in the IRD strategy. The first parameter in the Key field is treated as the element name, and all the following parameters separated by a space are treated as attributes of the element. August 19, 2021
URS 8.1.400.81
URS now supports Time-based notifications. When opening statistics with StatServer, in addition to the default ChangesBasedNotification mode, URS now supports the TimeBasedNotification mode. To activate it:
  • If the statistic is defined as a statistic transaction object in Configuration Layer, specify the notification interval in seconds in the notify_mode property in its Statistic Data section on the Annex tab. And use this statistic in the strategy.
  • If the statistic is used as a statistic type defined within the options of the StatServer application object, specify the notification interval in the NotifyMode parameter directly in the strategy, in the following format:


August 19, 2021
URS 8.1.400.81
When there are a huge number of VCB calls, URS now records a standard level log message indicating the number of agents blocked for those VCB calls in the following format:

Std 21012 - Attention! vcb blocking mode is active: N (where N is the number of agents locked).

August 19, 2021
URS 8.1.400.78
Multithreading Capability May 18, 2021
URS 8.1.400.78
Timeout to Wait before Sending Negative Response to Web Client May 18, 2021
URS 8.1.400.75
Optimal Skill Update Mode December 23, 2020
URS 8.1.400.71
Secure Connections Support Includes SNI September 01, 2020
URS 8.1.400.67
Support for JavaScript February 04, 2020
IRD 8.1.400.39
String Manipulation Functions October 25, 2019
URS 8.1.400.63
The stat/report web method is extended with a new parameter, cpu, to provide URS CPU consumption data, which can be used for monitoring the health status of URS applications. For more information, see Additional Information on HTTP Report Method. September 30, 2019
URS 8.1.400.63
A new value, waited, has been added to the report_targets option. If the report_targets option is set to true or waited, URS attaches the RTargetsWaited key into AttributeUserData of the T-Server's events. The value of the new key is a comma separated list of targets the interaction is waiting for. This data can be used by the default routing strategy if the processing of an interaction fails. September 30, 2019
URS 8.1.400.50
Budget-Based Routing June 29, 2018
URS 8.1.400.50
New Statistics June 29, 2018
URS 8.1.400.45
HTTP CONNECT tunneling March 30, 2018
URS 8.1.400.39
IRD 8.1.400.26
Run function October 27, 2017
URS 8.1.400.27 Support of HTTP Proxies for an "https://" type of request June 20, 2016
IRD 8.1.400.22 IRD Localization April 15, 2016
URS 8.1.400.25 Estimated Wait Time Improvement Using URS Web API December 18, 2015
URS 8.1.400.24 Look Up Agent Name Media logged into and DN from Agent Login ID and by Employee ID November 24, 2015
URS 8.1.400.23 Support of HTTP Redirections
Escape Sequences Update for HTTP Bridge
When URS processes multimedia interactions in a High Availability deployment, a primary URS distributes EventDiverted on a virtual queue if a failover or switchover occurs.
October 7, 2015
IRD 8.1.400.18 Hyphens Allowed in Interaction Data Names September 1, 2015
URS 8.1.400.20 Virtual Queues Can be Associated with Stat Servers June 12, 2015
URS 8.1.400.19
URS 8.1.400.22
Using Agent Skills for Ideal Agent Selection
Weighted Agent Skills Enhancement
May 8, 2015
September 25, 2015
IRD 8.1.400.15 Analyze Object March 10, 2015
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