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typedef enum {
	TReliabilityOk		= 0,
	TReliabilityInPast		= 1,
	TReliabilityUncertain	= 2,
	TReliabilityExternal	= 3
} TReliability;


  • TReliabilityOk — A TEvent’s time stamp reliably indicates the time of the event’s occurrence. (TEvent was generated based on its corresponding switch notification.)
  • TReliabilityInPast — Indicates an event which occurred prior to the time stamp of this TEvent. (TEvent was constructed based on subsequent switch notifications.)
  • TReliabilityUncertain — Indicates an event which may or may not have yet occurred at the time stamp of this TEvent. (TEvent was generated based on a configured timeout or as a result of internal cleanup.)
  • TReliabilityExternal — Indicates an event has been generated as a result of a request from external controller. (TEvent was generated based on a corresponding external request—SNMP.)
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