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A request by a supervisor to monitor (be automatically conferenced in as a party on) the next call delivered to an agent. Supervisors can request to monitor one subsequent call or all calls until the request is explicitly canceled. If a request is successful, EventMonitoringNextCall is distributed to all clients registered on the supervisor's and agent's DNs.

Supervisors start monitoring each call in Mute mode. To speak, they must execute the function TSetMuteOff().

Supervisors can request to monitor only one agent at a time. If they make a request to monitor another agent, the first request is automatically canceled. Only one supervisor can monitor the next call of a particular agent—if another supervisor places a request to monitor the same agent, the request is rejected.

The monitoring is automatically canceled when either the supervisor or the agent logs out.


Name Description
server Local server handle to the T-Server in question.
dn Supervisor's DN from which the monitoring will be made.
agent_dn Agent's DN that will be monitored.
monitor_type Indicates whether a supervisor wants to monitor one call or all subsequent calls.
reasons A pointer to a data structure that provides additional information associated with this action.
extensions A pointer to an additional data structure.

Return Values

Standard (See standard-return-values.)

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