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Passes information and requests services (such as Split Call, Set Feature, change T-Server behavior, and so on) that are supported only by certain T-Servers, and which are not covered by general feature requests.


Name Description
server Local server handle to the T-Server in question.
serviceID Service identifier for the information being passed.
dn Directory number of the telephony object on whose behalf the information is provided.
conn_id A variable of TConnectionID type referring to the call, if any, related to this action.
user_data A pointer to the user data that should be attached to the call.
reasons A pointer to a data structure that provides additional information associated with this action.
extensions A pointer to an additional data structure.

Return Values

Standard (See standard-return-values.)


Note that the function TPrivateService() is for use only with a select number of T-Servers which require this additional means for exchanging particular information with the switch. Consult T-Server-specific documentation for the applicability of this request.

Depending on the circumstances, T-Server may send EventACK, EventPrivateInfo, or EventError to the client calling the function TPrivateService(). In cases of conventional events (such as EventRinging) being direct results of a private request, T-Server will not send private events in response to a private request.

EventACK will be sent when:

  • T-Server cannot link the requested service and the resulting events.
  • The service being requested on behalf of the requesting device is to be executed on a different device.

EventPrivateInfo will be sent when:

  • The resulting event is a direct consequence of the requested service.
  • T-Server, a device, or a call has changed its state, and this change cannot be presented via an existing Genesys protocol, and support for representing this change is required by the business needs of the enterprise.

EventError will be sent when:

  • The requested service is not supported.
  • The request parameters are not correct.
  • The requested service fails while processing on the media device.
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