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Initiates a request for the network T-Server to transfer a call in one step (without a consultation phase).


Name Description
server Local server handle to the T-Server in question.
ctrl_dn DN of the controlling party, for a premise T-Server, or the route point where the call was initially routed, for a network T-Server.
conn_id Connection ID of the call in question.
home_location The name of the remote location that carries out the request in the form of <SwitchName> or <T-ServerApplicationName>@<SwitchName>.
destination Destination DN for the consultation. (This may be absent if URS uses other data for the selection of the destination.)
dest_location The name of the remote location to which the consultation call is being made, in the form of <SwitchName> or <T-ServerApplicationName>@<SwitchName>.
reasons A pointer to a data structure which provides additional information associated with this action.
extensions A pointer to an additional data structure.

Return Values

Standard (See standard-return-values.)

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