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Plays the voice message contained in the file specified by the parameter file_handle for the telephony object specified by the parameter dn.


Name Description
server Local server handle to the T-Server in question.
dn Directory number of the telephony object on whose behalf the message is played.
conn_id Connection identifier of the call to which the message will be played.
file_handle Handle of the file in question. Returned as a value of the FileHandle parameter in the EventVoiceFileOpened event.
segments A pointer to the prerecorded speech segment that is to be played.
iflag Interrupt flag indicating whether playback should be interrupted whenever a touchtone button is pressed. Refer to the type TInterruptFlag.
cflag Clear flag indicating whether previously gathered information should be cleared before playback starts. Refer to the type TClearFlag.
reasons A pointer to a data structure that provides additional information associated with this action.
extensions A pointer to an additional data structure that takes into account switch-specific features that cannot be described by the above parameters.

Return Values

Standard (standard-return-values.)

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