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#define T_MASK_LENGTH 64;
typedef unsigned char TMask[T_MASK_LENGTH];
#define TMaskSetAll(M) memset((M), 0xff, T_MASK_LENGTH)
#define TMaskClearAll(M) memset((M), 0, T_MASK_LENGTH)
#define TMaskSet(E, M) ((M)[(E) / 8] |= (1 << ((E) % 8)))
#define TMaskClear(E, M) ((M)[(E)/8] &= ~(1 << ((E) % 8)))
#define TMaskIsSet(E, M) ((M)[(E) / 8] & (1 << ((E) % 8)))


The associated macros defined in the syntax for this type are used to set and clear the user-defined input mask.

For setting and clearing the user-defined input mask, use:

  • TMaskSetAll
  • TMaskClearAll
  • TMaskSet
  • TMaskClear

For checking the server capabilities mask returned by TQueryServer(), use TMaskIsSet().

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