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Genesys Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor Help


Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv) and Workforce Advisor (WA) display real-time contact center activity so you can view operations from a central point of reference. For example, if one of your contact centers experienced a sudden drop in service levels for some reason, you would know about it immediately if you were monitoring that in Contact Center Advisor. You choose the business priorities for your enterprise and select the metrics that supervisors and managers will monitor to effectively manage those activities. In addition, you can configure conditions such as thresholds for application and contact group metrics so you receive alerts on the dashboard and designated users are notified in email when there is a problem.

Workforce Advisor complements CCAdv by integrating workforce data (that is, data from certain workforce management systems) to enable the proactive management of agent schedule adherence. For example, WA calculates the deviations between actual and scheduled (forecast) metrics such as the amount by which the actual average handle time (AHT) deviates from the forecast AHT or the amount the actual staff deviated from the scheduled staff. For more information about the metrics available for use with CCAdv and WA, see the Pulse Advisors Metrics Reference Guide.

Viewing CCAdv and WA Dashboards Using a Mobile Device

Starting with Advisors release 9.0, you can view your CCAdv or WA hierarchy and alerts on your mobile device. The Advisors mobile view is designed to be an express service that lets you easily view the Contact Centers pane and the Alerts pane on any mobile device that has a supported browser. For additional information about the mobile view, see CCAdv/WA Mobile View Dashboard.

Accessibility Interface

The Advisors products include an accessibility interface for users with visual impairment. For more information, see Accessibility.

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