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Metric Graphing Window Overview

Metrics graphing data is calculated and saved to an Advisors metric graphing database. When you open a Metric Graphing window, it can immediately retrieve historical data for a configured interval from the server, as well as "future" data for forecast metrics if you open the window in Workforce Advisor and forecast data is available.

In the Contact Center Advisor/Workforce Advisor Metric Graphing window, the list of metrics that are available to graph is dependent on the pane from which you launch the window. The following Table describes the differences:

On this dashboard: In this pane: You can graph:
Contact Center Advisor Contact Centers Application and Contact Group metrics
Contact Center Advisor Applications Application metrics only
Workforce Advisor Contact Centers Contact Group and Application metrics
Workforce Advisor Contact Groups Contact group metrics only

Information about the location (or context) from which you launched the Metric Graphing window displays as a "breadcrumb trail" at the top of the window.  

An administrator can configure Advisors to store historical and point-in-time metric values for graphing combinations of metrics and time profiles. For example, you might want to compare TotalCallsAbandoned (5m Sliding) to TotalCallsAbandoned (30m Growing) on a graph. When launched, each graph displays the metric values for a time range, which is configurable. For related information, see Using the Time Range Slider to Select Data to Display in the Metric Graphing Window.

The metric values display to the same precision used for display of that metric in the dashboard. For example, if values over 100 display as 100+ on the dashboard, then values over 100 in the Metric Graphing window also display as 100+.  

If the graph is closed and re-opened, the display begins with the period of data as configured by the administrator.

Graph Attributes Saved in User Preferences

Many of the Metric Graphing window settings are stored for the Advisors application in which you opened the graphing window. For example, the following user-defined settings are automatically saved:

  • The row in the dashboard from which the graph was launched (that is, the "breadcrumb" that displays at the top of the Metric Graphing window)
  • Your selection of graphed metrics
  • Your selection of graph style for each metric
  • Your selection of graph color for each metric
  • The metric display order that you selected
  • The selected time filter, if any
  • The Time Range Slider size and position

If you close and later re-open the Metric Graphing window from the same location in the dashboard (pane and row), the window will display your previously-selected graph and related options.

If you have at least one Metric Graphing window open in either Contact Center Advisor or Workforce Advisor, and you navigate to another Advisors module within the open browser tab (effectively "closing" the module that you were viewing), then the application (CCAdv or WA) saves the open graphs. The same is true if you log out of the Advisors applications and log in again. Any Metric Graphing windows that were open when you logged out will be re-opened when you log in again. However, if configuration or permissions change while a graphing window is closed, some metrics or objects might not be available after you log out and then log in again.

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