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Viewing Alerts

The Alerts pane lists all active alerts, displaying each alert on an individual row.

Cycling Through Alerts

You can cycle through the alerts automatically or manually. CCAdv cycles through the alerts automatically if you select the Cycle checkbox. Otherwise, you can cycle through the alerts manually.

  • In cycle mode, alerts are shown for each contact center in a carousel-like manner.
  • If the cycle mode is not selected, you control the list of alerts that display.

Clear the Cycle check box to disable the automatic scrolling actions. When you turn off the cycle mode, the Alerts pane displays a complete list of alerts.

When the cycle mode is disabled, you can scroll through all of the alerts manually, or use the filters at the top of the Alerts pane to find specific alerts; see Searching and Filtering Alerts.

Expanding and Collapsing Alerts

You can view alerts in collapsed or expanded mode. In expanded mode, the sparkline displays for metric threshold violation alerts (see Alerts Pane Attributes for more information about the sparkline). By default, alerts are displayed in collapsed mode.

In collapsed mode, you can view basic alert information, such as:

  • The name or message associated with the alert.
  • The metric value and alert severity indicator.
  • The alert's date and time information.

See Alerts Pane Attributes for more information about the symbols and color-coding used in the Alerts pane.

In expanded mode, you can view the basic alert information, as well as a sparkline graph at the bottom of each metric threshold violation alert cell, with warning- and critical-colored bar graph indicators. The y-axis represents the metric value and the x-axis represents time.

To expand the display of an individual alert, in the cell that contains the alert for which you want to view the sparkline, click the drop-down arrow beside the Started/Duration information. To return to collapsed mode, click the arrow again.

To expand or collapse all alerts in the Alerts pane simultaneously, click the Expand All/Collapse All link that displays above the Alerts pane. The link toggles between an expanded and collapsed view of the alerts.

For detailed descriptions of the alert attributes listed above, see Alerts Pane Attributes.

Resizing the Alerts Pane

The Alerts pane is resizable horizontally. You can manually resize the width of the Alerts pane on your dashboard. Move your cursor over the space between the Alerts pane and the other panes on your dashboard until you see the split bar symbol (Pma ccadv-wa horizontal-splitbar-indicator 852.png), and then click and drag.

To quickly collapse or expand the Alerts pane, use the collapse/expand arrows (Pma ccadv-wa pane-expand-collapse-arrows-horizontal 852.png and Pma ccadv-wa inter-pane-expand-collapse-arrows 852.png) that are available between the panes.

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