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New in this Release

This is the 8.5.1 release of Genesys Knowledge Server. Here are the latest and greatest features:

Knowledge Center Plugin for Workspace Desktop Edition

  • Workspace Desktop Plugin localization for French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Enables agents to:
    • work with knowledge bases in multiple languages
    • view attachments within found answers
    • post comments to documents that don't match their questions, allowing documents to be improved
  • Added browsing capability, allowing navigation through the content of knowledge bases
  • Added support for formatted content in the documents
  • Multiple minor improvements to interfaces around the agent experience for the Workspace Desktop integrations

Improved Language Support

  • Content Management System (CMS) support for authoring of content in any language that is UTF-8 compliant
  • NLP search available for content authored in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (keyword-based search is already supported for any UTF-8 compliant language.)

Security Improvements

  • Mutual TLS (Transport Layer Security) for the Knowledge Center Server and the CMS.

Pulse Reporting Improvements

  • Expanded dashboards in Pulse enable deeper dives into knowledge events analysis
  • GEO location tracking and reporting of questions/searches based on IP address
  • Reporting API: access to data around events such as search, content viewed, content feedback and others
  • Keyword clouds
  • Role-Based Access Control: When you add qualifying skills to a knowledge base, only agents with those skills may access that knowledge base.
  • Ability to secure ElasticSearch API from data modification requests


  • Configurable web integration with:
    • Genesys Email Forms
    • Genesys Web Engagement
    • Genesys Web Callback

Search Tuning Enhancements

  • System can use customer implicit feedback (such as navigation through result provided) to improve search precision over time
  • Confidence score: Question and answer matching boosted when a customer opens an answer and keeps answer open for a long period of time

Knowledge Center CMS

  • Rich text editing capabilities available for content authoring in CMS
  • Ability to setup regular, automatic synchronizations of changed and approved content from CMS to Knowledge Center Server

Other Improvements

  • Indexer:
    • imports documents with all allowed fields (including custom fields and attachments) from XML files
    • applies XSLT transformation to provided XML files to align structure
  • Sample UI supports:
    • attachment viewing
    • rich text document viewing
    • comments for negative feedback
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