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GEO Location

Collecting information about a customer's location may be subject to regulations or restrictions within your country, please check with your national legislation to ensure you are not in violation. This feature can be turned off if needed.

The Geo-location is based on the client IP address and this client IP address and its relevant geo-location coordinates are then stored in the History index.

The Administrator is able to configure the behavior of the geo-location for the cluster (cluster/reporting/geo) as:

  • off - both IP and longitude and latitude are empty for historical records
  • IP - only IP address is stored
  • country - IP and country longitude and latitude of country are stored
  • city (default) - IP and city longitude and latitude are stored

This stored data is used in the Kibana to visualize:

  • a geo-map with requests heat indicators
  • the top 10 countries
Activity Heatmap

Path to the GeoIP database

Geo-location functionality requires a special database to translate an IP address to the geographical location of the customer. When Genesys Knowledge Center Server is installed it provides the database stored in <installation directory>\linguatools\geoip folder. The folder storing the database can be changed in the gks.yml file:

path.geoip : <IP folder>/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat

To update the database download the most recent version from https://www.maxmind.com and overwrite the file in the database folder. The Knowledge Center server needs to be restarted to work with the new database.

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