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Configuring a Capture Point for iWD

One Application must be configured for each instance of the Capture Point. Interaction Server supports multiple capture points.


  • Interaction Server must be installed.
  • A Business Process must be installed on a Tenant.


  1. Navigate to Environment > Applications.
  2. Create a new Application object based on the chosen Capture Point template. The CapturePointId will be automatically set to the name of the Capture Point application as configured in GAX. In iWD compatibility mode, it will also be saved as the IWD_capturePointId property in user data. When the Capture Point is configured, the Capture Point ID must be the same as the application name in order to ensure accurate events history reporting and accurate filtering. (The Capture Point Name can be any value.)
  3. Important
    The name of the Capture Point Application must start with a letter, contain only alpha-numeric characters and underscores, cannot be longer than 16 characters and cannot contain spaces.
  4. Because the Capture Point is integrated with Interaction Server, the Host and Port information is taken from Interaction Server (which must be listed as a connection on the Connections tab). However in order to create the application, you must initially specify the Host by itself. So the Host must be the same as the host for Interaction Server.
  5. Add a connection to Interaction Server. Multiple Capture Point Application objects can connect to the same Interaction Server.
  6. On the Ports tab, there must be ports configured. This is required for connection to Interaction Server.
  7. On the Tenants tab, add the relevant Tenant.
  8. Ignore the Options tab.
  9. Ignore the Application Options tab.
  10. Apply the Application object to see additional tabs like iWD Attributes.
  11. On the iWD Attributes tab, select the Solution from the drop-down list and add a Description.If the list is empty, this means that the assigned Tenant does not yet have any Business Structure configured.
  12. At this point, change the Runtime ID (ID field) because after the first save of iWD Attributes, the runtime ID cannot be changed. Please remember also that the Runtime ID and the Capture Point name must be the same.
  13. Add the relevant queue names in the listed queue fields. For a standard out-of-box iWD Business Process, these will be the default queue names as supplied. For any customized business process, these will be the names of the custom queues. The following options allow customization of interaction queues used by iWD in the current Solution. Non-standard queue names must be defined when there are multiple iWD business processes configured in the same Tenant. Queue names can be selected from drop-down lists. If a value is missing, a default name is displayed for this queue.
    • Queue for new tasks—Interaction queue recognized by iWD as an entry to the business process in this solution. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_New
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
    • Queue for captured tasks—Interaction queue for tasks successfully processed by the Classification strategy. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_Captured.
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Captured
    • Queue for queued tasks—Interaction queue for tasks successfully processed by the Prioritization strategy. Default vlaues:
      • IRD—iWD_Queued
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Queued
    • Queue for completed tasks—Interaction queue for tasks marked as completed by agents. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_Completed
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed
    • Queue for rejected tasks—Interaction queue for tasks rejected by the Classification strategy. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_Rejected
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Rejected
    • Queue for canceled tasks—Interaction queue for tasks canceled by a Global Task List user or by a capture point. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_Canceled
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Canceled
    • Queue for error-held tasks—Interaction queue for tasks that failed to be processed by the Classification or Prioritization strategies. Default values:
      • IRD—iWD_ErrorHeld
      • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_ErrorHeld
  14. Save the Application object.
  15. When configuration is complete, click Save.

Capture Points Configuration Options

Integrated Capture Points' options must be set so that they can put new or modified interactions in the correct interaction queues. When an integrated Capture Point is connected with an iWD solution, its options are automatically synchronized with the solution. The following options are updated in Capture Points to work with a customized iWD business process:

JMS Capture Point and File Capture Point

  • inbound-transformer-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • RestartQueues
  • outbound-transformer-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • ErrorHeldQueues
    • RejectQueues
    • RestartQueues

Web Service Capture Point and Database Capture Point

  • iwd-parameters
    • CancelQueues
    • CompleteQueues
    • ErrorHeldQueues
    • RejectQueues
    • RestartQueues

All Capture Points

  • default-values
    • Queue

Note that the sections listed above can include also other attributes. You can find the full list in eServices Reference Manual documentation.

Queues vs Capture Points' Options Mapping

The following mapping between configured queues and Capture Points' options is maintained.

Capture Point Option iWD Solution's Queue Default Value IRD Default Value Composer
default-values/Queue New iWD_New iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
RestartQueues New iWD_New iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
CompleteQueues Completed iWD_Completed iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed
RejectQueues Rejected iWD_Rejected iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Rejected
CancelQueues Canceled iWD_Canceled iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Canceled
ErrorHeldQueues Error Held iWD_ErrorHeld iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_ErrorHeld

The options are updated whenever a user changes any of the queues in the iWD Solution configuration in GAX. They are also modified when a user changes the assigned Solution in the Capture Point's configuration in GAX. If no Solution has been assigned to the Capture Point, the queue options can be set manually.

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