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Support for eServices and Third Party Media Servers

The iWD components work together with Interaction Server and the Genesys Rules System to make up the iWD Solution. Interaction Server is an integral component for iWD, whereas formerly it was solely a component of the Genesys eServices solution (formerly called Multimedia). iWD uses the Interaction Server database to store task information.

iWD, Interaction Server, E-mail Server (for outbound notifications and acknowledgements), and Knowledge Management together make up the iWD solution. The iWD application refers to the software components that are packaged on the iWD CD, such as iWD Runtime Node and iWD Manager. Remember that this solution shares some common components with the Genesys eServices solution, such as Interaction Server and, optionally, Genesys Knowledge Management and Genesys E-mail.

iWD can be used with Genesys eServices solutions (for example, Genesys E-mail, Genesys Chat, Genesys SMS, and Genesys Social Engagement) as well as with integrations to third-party media servers that were built by using the Open Media API. When used together, these combined solutions allow an enterprise to apply business rules to any interaction that is managed through the Genesys Interaction Server, such as e-mail, chat, SMS, and social media interactions.

Moreover, these interactions can be managed through iWD Manager’s Global Task List, allowing a business analyst to view the status of these interactions, hold/resume the interactions, and modify various attributes of the interactions. See also iWD Business Process (IWDBP).

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