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New in 8.5.0

Re-architecting of IWD

Most of the deployment and configuration of iWD is now carried out using new components and interfaces. Some of the effects of this change are:

  • Standardization of many of the procedures involved with deployment and configuration, using new components as well as a refreshed iWD Manager component.
  • A completely new user configuration interface based on the Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) plug-in.
  • Removal of support for configuration using the Genesys Configuration Manager client.

The changes are detailed as follows:

  • iWD is now deployed by means of a new GAX Automatic Service Deployment (ASD) plug-in component called iWD Setup Utility.
  • iWD configuration is now performed via Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) and a new iWD GAX plug-in component. Specifically, the following aspects that were previously carried out in iWD Manager have now moved:
    • Tenant profile (to GAX)
    • Lookup tables (to iWD GAX Plugin)
    • Services (to iWD GAX Plugin)
    • Generic capture point (to GAX)
    • Data Mart Services (to iWD GAX Plugin)
    • Departments and processes (to iWD GAX Plugin)
    • Audit history (to a centralized log database)
    • Security policy (to Genesys Administrator, using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC))
  • The IWD Data Mart Services view is now replaced by a GAX dashboard monitoring the state of the Data Mart node.
  • Data Mart can now run as a standalone Java module and is now managed directly using Solution Control Server.
  • The modules and components mechanism is removed from iWD Manager.
  • The Business Context Management Service (BCMS) functionality is moved to the Genesys Rules Engine.
  • IWD Manager is now used primarily for task management and monitoring using the Global Task List.
  • Support for legacy capture points is removed.

Deployment/Configuration Using Genesys Administrator Extension

  • Support for configuration using the Genesys Configuration Manager client is withdrawn in release 8.5.0.
  • You must use Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) together with the iWD GAX Plugin component for deployment and configuration in release 8.5.0.

IWD Architecture

There are significant changes in the architecture of iWD in release 8.5.0. Full details are here.

The iWD Solution is made up of the following major building blocks:

  • iWD Manager—A Java web application that runs on a web application server.
  • iWD Runtime Node—A standalone Java application in release 8.5.0.
  • Genesys Rules System—A set of software components that are used for rule template development, rules authoring, and rule evaluation. The Rules Engine and Rules Authoring Tool are web applications that run on a web application server. The Rule Development Tool is an Eclipse plug-in.
  • Genesys CIM Platform—Core Genesys components that provide interaction management (Interaction Server), routing (Universal Routing Server), employee presence and employee and queue-based real-time statistics (Stat Server), and configuration and management services (Genesys Management Framework, including Genesys Adminstrator Extension (GAX), Configuration Server and Message Server).

The figure below illustrates the detail-level building blocks of the intelligent Workload Distribution solution, the relationships among them, and the external components that are involved.


Centralized Logging

The centralized logging feature that supports logging of iWD log messages through Genesys Message Server. This feature provides the additional capabilities of viewing these log messages through a centralized log viewer (such as that included in Genesys Administrator) as well as the ability to generate alarms and SNMP traps through Genesys Solution Control Server. Refer to the Deployment Guide for information about configuring centralized logging.

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