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Integration with Genesys Rules System

Genesys Rules System (GRS) provides all the business rules functionality for the Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) solution. The Genesys Rules System enables business users to define priorities, SLAs, and other attributes of tasks.

iWD provides a Standard Rules Template for use with the Genesys Rules System.

The Genesys Rules System is a set of components that provides business rules functionality for use with the iWD solution and other Genesys solutions. It consists of three software components:

  • Genesys Rules Development Tool
  • Genesys Rules Authoring Tool
  • Genesys Rules Engine

Business rule templates are created in the Genesys Rules Development Tool and are published to a rules repository. Users can then incorporate business rule templates into a rule package, by using the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool. Users create and modify rules within a rule package and deploy the rule package to the Genesys Rules Engine. At that point, client applications, such as the iWD business process (IWDBP), can make requests to the Genesys Rules Engine to have rules in the rule package evaluated at various decision points in a task’s lifecycle. See the Genesys Rules System documentation.

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