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IWD Business Process

iWD is packaged with two variants of an out-of-the-box Business Process, one created in Genesys Interaction Routing Designer (IRD) and one created in Genesys Composer.

The Business Process may be installed using the iWD Setup Utility or manually. In release 8.5.104, Genesys recommends manual installation—both the IRD Business Process and the Composer Business Process are delivered as ready-to-import templates (.wie or .project files respectively). All business process files are packaged with iWD Manager IP.

iWD Setup Utility can be used to deploy the IRD Business Process for releases from 8.5.0 to 8.5.103x.

The Business Process is made up of a set of Interaction Queues that map to the iWD state model:

  • Queue for new tasks—Interaction queue recognized by iWD as an entry to the business process in this solution. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_New
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_New
  • Queue for captured tasks—Interaction queue for tasks successfully processed by the Classification strategy. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_Captured.
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Captured
  • Queue for queued tasks—Interaction queue for tasks successfully processed by the Prioritization strategy. Default vlaues:
    • IRD—iWD_Queued
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Queued
  • Queue for completed tasks—Interaction queue for tasks marked as completed by agents. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_Completed
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Completed
  • Queue for rejected tasks—Interaction queue for tasks rejected by the Classification strategy. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_Rejected
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Rejected
  • Queue for canceled tasks—Interaction queue for tasks canceled by a Global Task List user or by a capture point. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_Canceled
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_Canceled
  • Queue for error-held tasks—Interaction queue for tasks that failed to be processed by strategies or subroutines. Default values:
    • IRD—iWD_ErrorHeld
    • Composer—iwd_bp_comp.Main.iWD_ErrorHeld

Within this Business Process, from within a routing strategy, External Service Protocol (ESP) blocks are used to invoke methods that reside in Genesys Rules Engine (GRE) (previously these were part of the Business Context Management Service became part of GRE in release 8.5.0). This approach is used to apply classification and prioritization rules to the interaction.

When a user goes to the Global Task List view in iWD Manager, to monitor the interactions that are in various states, this component communicates with Interaction Server to retrieve the list of interactions and their attributes.

This out-of-the-box Genesys iWD Business Process maps to the iWD state model, allowing you to use iWD-based reporting for other interaction types (for example, you might want to track Genesys emails along with other task types, under the same Department or Process).

The Genesys iWD Business Process is completely optional for iWD customers who are using Genesys E-mail, Genesys Chat, Genesys SMS, or even third-party email, SMS, or chat. If the Genesys iWD Business Process is not used, iWD Data Mart and iWD Global Task List functionality may be limited.

For Genesys eServices customers, the Genesys iWD Business Process can be left unchanged if you want to use business rules only. In this scenario, the routing strategies would change. The strategies would use the ESP block to invoke the Genesys Rules Engine. This means that existing Genesys E-mail, Chat or SMS/MMS customers can use the business rules within iWD without having to change their Genesys Business Processes; or, to access some additional functionality, changes can be made to the Business Processes.

For detailed descriptions of the two iWD Business Processes, including their strategies, click either:

  • Here for the IRD Business Process, or;
  • Here for the Composer Business Process.
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