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New Features by Release


Segmentation Support

Segmentation settings have been added to the ToDistribute View in the Distribution routing strategy in the iWD Business Processes for both IRD and Composer/ORS. Segmenting interactions ensures that all agents are kept busy by distributing tasks in each segment separately. As a result, even in a Distribution strategy that is populated by high-priority tasks assigned to small groups of agents, the strategy will not become so saturated that distribution of tasks to other agents is blocked.

The Distribution strategy can now make a call to the configured segments and add an IWD_Segment attribute to the interaction data. More information:

New FindListObjectName Subroutine

The DetermineESPServerName and DetermineRulePackageName subroutines are amalgamated into and replaced by the new FindListObjectName subroutine.

Code Refactoring

In several other strategies (in addition to Distribution), code has been refactored in order to simplify them. More information:


New Strategies & Subroutines

The following new strategies and subroutines modularize existing functionality that was previously included and/or repeated in the detail level of the other five strategies in the IWDBP. Consequently, those existing five strategies that invoked UCS and GRE, or repeated the flow that checked for business value and priority, can now call these new blocks directly, and as a result have been substantially simplified.

Click here for a diagram.

Documentation Changes

The following topics have been removed from this 8.5.1 updated document:

  • Adapting the IWD Business Process for the Genesys E-mail Channel
  • iWD Rules and Existing Business Processes

Please refer to their 8.5.0 equivalents if required

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