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Sample Business Process: Facebook BP - Simplified

Facebook BP - Simplified is a sample Business Process that is supplied on the Genesys Social Messaging Management product CD.


The simplified Facebook business process is designed to process the submitted Facebook interactions in the most simplistic way.

  • If the interaction contains both a post and comments:
    1. An interaction is created in the UCS database.
    2. The Facebook post ID and comment ID are updated in the UCS database.
    3. The interaction is delivered to an agent.
  • If the interaction contains only a comment, it is parked in a parking queue.
  • Starting in release 8.1.4, processing of interactions of type facebooksession (Facebook chat) is supported with FacebookItxType=10 .
  • Starting in release 8.5.1, Facebook Agent Delivery Strategy is modified so that target objects, rather than delivering to a specific group, use the skill-based expression 1=1, meaning the interaction is delivered to any agent who has the capacity to handle social media interactions.

Known issue and workaround

The Business Process, Facebook BP – Simplified, has a known issue that prevents users from sending Facebook private messages. The following workaround can be applied to overcome this issue:

  1. Add a new local strategy variable umsInbItxSubmittedBy .
  2. Assign the UData['_umsInboundIxnSubmittedBy'] interaction parameter to the umsInbItxSubmittedBy variable in the existing Multi Assign component.
  3. Add new umsInbItxSubmittedBy = '' verification in a new If component.
  4. Add a new Function component with Update['_umsInboundIxnSubmittedBy',InboundIxnSubmittedBy] value.
  5. In the existing Function component, remove the first row with Update['_umsInboundIxnSubmittedBy',InboundIxnSubmittedBy] value and leave the second row with Update['FromAddress',FacebookActorName] value.
  6. For the new If component added in Step 3, link the Out port (True condition) to new Function component with Update['_umsInboundIxnSubmittedBy',InboundIxnSubmittedBy] added in Step 4.
  7. For the new If component added in Step 3, link the Default port (False condition) to Old Function component with Update['FromAddress',FacebookActorName] modified in Step 5.
  8. Link the new Function component with Update['_umsInboundIxnSubmittedBy',InboundIxnSubmittedBy] value to old Function component with Update['FromAddress',FacebookActorName] value.
  9. Save and activate the strategy.

You can refer to the following images to know the changes that this workaround applies to the strategy:

Before applying the workaround
After applying the workaround
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