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Supplement to Gplus Adapter 8.0 for SAP ICI Multi-Channel Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Supplement to the Gplus Adapter 8.0 for SAP ICI Multi-Channel Deployment Guide. It provides descriptions of new features introduced in 8.0.2 release of this adapter.

8.0.2 Features Support

The following features are described in this supplement:

Released in Version Feature Name Date Released Configuring which Work Modes are sent to SAP October 1, 2018 Auto-answering by Call Type Verified November 10, 2016 SAP ICI Proxy September 2, 2016 Working with Outbound Personal Callbacks April 22, 2016 SAP Agent Dashboard March 7, 2016
Configuring the Agent Name for Chat Sessions
Changes to Quality Assurance Review Functionality
Disabling Agent Mailboxes
  • Genesys does not the support the concurrent agent use of Gplus Adapter and a different desktop application by the same agent at the same time.
  • 8.0.2 release of the Adapter requires 64-bit Java.

Documentation Update

Update Date Details
January 25, 2019 A new Configuring SAP System section was added to the SAP ICI Proxy topic about the requirement to configure the RFC Destination.
April 22, 2016 The Working with Outbound Personal Callbacks topic was revised to reflect that this feature is only available starting with version instead of, as previously indicated. It also includes an associated new option that replaces the option that was removed.
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