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Configuring the Agent Name for Chat Sessions

Starting with version, the Adapter provides the ability to change how the agent name appears to a customer during a chat session. The nickname configuration option enables this functionality.


Setting: [GPMC_Chat] section
Default Value: [username]
Valid Values: Any string with predefined patterns
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Values can contain static text along with one or more defined patterns.

Pattern Value Example
[username] User Name property of agent object jdoe
[last] Last Name property of agent object Doe
[first] First Name property of agent object John
[empid] Employee ID property of agent object 123456
"[" and "]" characters cannot be used as the part of static content. The Adapter removes them as invalid patterns.

Here are more examples of the option value:

Option Value Name Displayed in Chat
Agent [first] Agent Joe
[first] [last] ([username]) John Doe (jdoe)
[first] ([empid]) John (123456)
Agent [unknown_pattern] Agent
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