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Advanced Log System Configuration

Configuring file output

You control the log file output of the Adapter using the file option in the log section of the Adapter:


Default Value: info, ail, 10MB, 20, zip
Valid Values: <level>, <file_name_root>, <file_max_size>, <file_number> [, zip] [, timestamped]

  • "<level>: false, debug, info, warn, error, fatal
  • <file_name_root>: correct path to a file name
  • < file_max_size>: maximum file size in MB
  • < file_ number>: number of files for the rolling logs
  • [, zip]: to get compressed log files (optional)
  • [, timestamped]: to add a timestamp when a new file is created. An existing file will be replaced when it reaches file_max_size (optional)

Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

Specifies how to write entries into log files.

How to limit size of the logs?

You can define the size of the log file (file_max_size) and the number of log files (file_number) that will be stored. For example, if you would like your logs to use a maximum of 1 GB of disk space set the file value as follows:

'file' = 'info, ici, 50MB, 20'

This will instruct the Adapter to create up to 20 log files, with a maximum size of 50 MB (20 * 50 = 1000 MB).

Can I store compressed logs on my computer?

Yes, by adding zip to the file option you instruct Adapter to compress the log file and store it to the computer. For example:

'file' = 'info, ici, 50MB, 20, zip'

Can I add a timestamp to every log file with the creation time?

Yes. By default, the Adapter includes a start timestamp in the file name application, as well the the file number 1,2,..,N. For example:


If you would like every file name to contain a timestamp when it is created, add the timestamped flag to the file option.

For example:

'file'='info, ici, 10MB, 20, timestamped'

When set accordingly, option file names appear as follows:


Notice that each timestamp is different and that no file number is added at the end of file name.

For more information please see the log Section of the Genesys Interaction SDK Java Deployment Guide.

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