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Working with Outbound Personal Callbacks

Starting with release, the Adapter enables agents to control scheduled calls. When a call is received, a new communications item is created in SAP. Two buttons, Accept and Reject, will be available and blinking. When the agent clicks Accept, a new outbound call is created. When the agent clicks Reject, a scheduled call is either rejected or canceled, according to how you configure the new rejectBehavior option described here.

The rescheduleDelay option introduced in release was removed.

Feature Configuration

In the [GPMC_Outbound] section of the Adapter Application, set the rejectBehavior option to the desired value.


Default Value: 0
Valid Values: 0, 1
Changes Take Effect: After restart

When set to 0 (the default), the Adapter sends the RecordReject request to Outbound Contact Server. When set to 1, the Adapter sends the RecordCancel request to Outbound Contact Server

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