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SAP Agent Dashboard

Starting with version, the Adapter supports the following SAP Agent Dashboard operations:

  • Switching channels on or off during an agent session
  • Changing the queue that an agent is logged into

Switching channels on or off

An agent can switch channels on or off only when the blended workmodes feature is disabled (option allowBlendedWorkmodes in the [GPMC_Common] section is set to 0 - Off).

The Adapter generates an error if an agent switches channels on or off when the blended workmodes feature is enabled.

Channels can be turned on or off by selecting or deselecting the Subscribed check box. When the channel is switched off, the Adapter logs the agent out from the media and does not notify SAP until it is switched on again.

The agent can switch on or off those channels that were used upon initial login.

Changing the queue

An agent can change the voice queue that they are logged into by selecting the Subscribed check box for that queue. An agent can only be logged into one queue. If several queues are selected, the adapter logs the agent into the first queue in the list.

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