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SIP Preview Interaction Support

The SIP Preview Interaction feature allows agents to preview inbound call information before receiving the call. So, an agent can decide whether to accept a call.

The feature is very similar to the Expert Contact feature but is now extended to support SIP Preview Interaction.


SIP Server must be configured to support Preview Interaction. See the Framework 8.1 SIP Server Deployment Guide..

The Expert Contact feature must be deployed and configured. See the Gplus Adapter 8.0 for Siebel CRM Deployment Guide.

Configuring Genesys

No special actions are required.

Configuring Siebel

Once SIP Server is configured for Preview Interaction, set the Service:HasKWProtocol parameter in CTI configuration to TRUE to enable the feature in the adapter, as shown in the figure below.


Figure 1. CTI Configuration

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