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Synchronizing user passwords from Siebel to Genesys using Configuration Synchronization

The Configuration Synchronization component supports synchronizing user passwords from Siebel to Genesys.

Configuring Genesys

No special configuration is required.

Configuring Siebel

A new configuration option has been introduced on the Siebel side. A new user property field, PasswordSynchronization, was added to the “Genesys Config Synchronization” business service. The property supports the following values:

  • None (default value): does not synchronize passwords
  • AgentLogin: synchronizes AgentPin as a password of an Agent Login (Switch) object
  • Person: synchronizes AgentPin as a password of a Person object
  • Both: synchronizes AgentPin as a password of both the Agent Login and the Person objects

AgentPin is an agent CTI Login password. The figure below shows where the Adapter gets the value of AgentPin.

Siebel AgentPin.png

Security Considerations

Since passwords are transferred as unencrypted text, Genesys highly recommends that you use a HTTPS connection between Siebel and Configuration Synchronization Server.

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