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Campaign Templates Support

This feature is a part of Gplus Adapter for Siebel CRM Campaign Synchronization Component.

The Campaign Templates feature allows you to create Campaigns in the Configuration Database based on a specified template. Unlike actual campaigns, you don't use these templates in Outbound Contact Server for dialing. You only use them to copy data while you are creating a new campaign.

Important! Campaign templates must be created before you start the synchronization process.

From a template Campaign, the following are copied to the new campaign:

  • Campaign Group(s)
  • Description
  • Script
  • Annex

Note: Calling Lists are not copied.

The Campaign Group name for the new Campaign follows the following convention "<campaign name>@<agent group name>", where <campaign name> is taken from synchronization request and <agent group name> is taken from the template campaign.

You can mark the template Campaign as disabled to avoid problems with real campaigns. New Campaigns will be created as enabled.

Configuring Genesys

To create a Template Campaign follow the Outbound Contact Solution instructions to create a regular Campaign (including Campaign Groups). That Campaign will not be used to dial calls; therefore for more convenience it can be disabled in Configuration Environment.

Configuring Siebel

To enable the Campaign Templates feature, for each campaign enter a template name in the following field:

GPSBL-5069 dep pic1.png Please note that the template name is case sensitive and the corresponding template campaign must be created in the Configuration Environment before the synchronization.

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