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Supplement to Gplus Adapter for Siebel CRM Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Supplement to the Gplus Adapter 8.0 for Siebel CRM Deployment Guide. It provides descriptions of new features introduced in 8.0.3 release of this adapter and any other changes to deployment information that are not reflected in the PDF.

New In This Release

The following new features or functionality are included in this 8.0.3 release:

Feature Affected Adapter Components
Support for Siebel version 16.0 (IP2016). All
Support for Unresponsive Process Detection All except of Gplus UCS Gateway for Siebel CRM
Support for SIP Preview Interaction Gplus Adapter for SIebel CRM Voice
Support for Genesys Call Recording Gplus Adapter for SIebel CRM Voice
Support for Sending Chat Transcript via Siebel-side E-Mail Gplus Adapter for SIebel CRM Multimedia
Support for Campaign Templates Gplus Adapter for SIebel CRM Camapaign Synchronization
Support for TLS v1.1 and v1.2 All

New Features Deployment

Articles that describe new feature deployment can be one of two types: “New” and “Updated”.

  • Articles of the “New” type can be read and applied as independent section. All procedures in this section are complete sufficient and should not be integrated into any other procedures. Just follow the procedure as provided.
  • Articles of the “Updated” type should be read and applied in parallel with corresponding PDF chapters. Procedures in these chapters may refer to legacy procedures and contain additional steps to them. Steps like “Doing step X of procedure Y do action Z” or “After the step X of procedure Y do sub-step Z” are possible there.
Released in Version Feature Name Article Type Date Released
8.0.3 Common changes to the Deployment Guide Updated December 15, 2016
Sending Chat Transcript via Siebel-side Email Updated
Genesys Call Recording Support Updated
Unresponsive Process Detection Support New
Campaign Templates Support New
Transport Layer Security Support New
SIP Preview Interaction Support New


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