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Genesys Mobile Services Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Genesys Mobile Services Deployment Guide! This deployment guide can be used to install Genesys Mobile Services on your system, configure basic settings, as well as configure more advanced settings. It includes chapters with the following information:

  • New in This Document — Provides a document change history.
  • Planning information — Details related to planning and preparation for your Genesys Mobile Services installation, including prerequisites and multi-site deployment. Genesys recommends reading the prerequisites page before you begin to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Installation procedures — Step-by-step guide to installing or upgrading Genesys Mobile Services and performing required configurations.
  • Configuration — Includes additional configuration topics that you may wish to consider for your GMS installation.
  • Configuration Options Reference — Provides a reference of the configuration options available for Genesys Mobile Services.
  • Service Options Reference — Provides a reference of the options available for services.
  • Security — Provides security configurations that can be used with GMS.
  • Starting and Stopping — Describes how to start and stop GMS using the Solution Control Interface or Genesys Administrator, and provides information about possible alarms.
  • Troubleshooting — Frequently asked questions.
  • Migrating GMS — Migration instructions.
  • Testing your deployment — Describes how to test your installation by configuring and using samples.

The Admin UI page has been moved to the Service Management Help.
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