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ORS Cookie Support

GMS now supports Cookie-based management, with the ability to store ORS cookies for a given service ID. GMS will use ORS-generated cookies in subsequent requests to the same service.

The ORS cookie prefix is ORSSESSIONID.

Basic Cookie Usage

When GMS nodes are directly connected to ORS instances, that is, without a load balancer between GMS and ORS, the ORS cookies are managed and stored in GMS for subsequent requests. When another request for the same service session ID is processed and also requires ORS processing, the GMS request to ORS will contain the previously stored cookie.

Simple ORS Cookie usage

Load Balancer Cookie Usage

When the environment contains a load balancer between GMS nodes and ORS instances, the load balancer should take into account that ORS cookies must be transferred from and to the GMS nodes. In the load balancer configuration, make sure that cookie management is enabled in order for the ORS cookies to pass back and forth.

Load Balancer ORS Cookie usage

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