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New in Release 8.5.0

This section describes the changes that have been incorporated within this guide since the initial release of Genesys Info Mart release 8.5.0.

New in Release 8.5.010

  • Information about Genesys Info Mart support for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance has been added to the description of Job_MaintainGIM and to the troubleshooting information about Genesys Info Mart job error.

New in Release 8.5.007

  • Added information regarding the execution of the script to create indexes and views on the About Jobs page. See the sections pertaining to Job_ExtractGIM, Job_InitializeGIM, and Job_MigrateGIM.
  • Added Information on the About Jobs page pertaining to ensuring that DST adjustments are applied correctly.
  • Updated Information on the About Jobs page pertaining to the date-time-max-days-ahead option. See the Job_MaintainGIM section.
  • Updated the About Jobs page to describe the new on-demand-migration configuration option. See the Job_MigrationGIM section.
  • Added information about viewing software release information on the Managing Genesys Info Mart page. See the new section Viewing Software Release Information.
  • Updated the Using Genesys Info Mart Manager page to describe the new autmatic refresh functionality.

New in Release 8.5.005

New in Release 8.5.004

  • Updated recommendations about Calendar Table population on the About Jobs page. See Job_MaintainGIM > Maintaining Calendar Tables.


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