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Genesys Administrator Extension

Also known as GAX, Genesys Administrator Extension is a web-based User Interaction Layer component that provides user-friendly interfaces to help users perform complex operations while at the same time preventing user error. GAX provides an interface to the Configuration Layer, Management Layer, and other Genesys solutions.



Installing Genesys Info Mart Manager

About Genesys Info Mart Manager

Genesys Info Mart Manager is a web-based GUI that was introduced in Genesys Info Mart release 8.1.4, to enable the monitoring and real-time administration of Genesys Info Mart jobs. Genesys Info Mart Manager is included as a separate installation package (IP) on the Genesys Info Mart CD. Genesys Info Mart Manager is a Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) plug-in, which you install on the same host as your GAX application.

Genesys Info Mart Manager interfaces directly with Genesys Info Mart Server to monitor the status of Genesys Info Mart jobs and to start and stop jobs on an ad-hoc basis. For a high-level description of Genesys Info Mart Manager functionality, see Genesys Info Mart Manager.

Before You Proceed

Before you install Genesys Info Mart Manager:

  1. Ensure that GAX release 8.5 or higher has been installed, and verify that the Genesys Info Mart Application object is in the contact center configuration represented in GAX.

    For instructions about installing GAX, see the GAX Deployment Guide for your 8.5.x release.

  2. Verify that the users who will use Genesys Info Mart Manager have been assigned to access groups that have the necessary permissions and role privileges to access GAX plug-ins and the Genesys Info Mart Server. (Permissions control access to objects configured in the Configuration Layer; privileges control access to functionality in GUI-based applications, such as GAX. For more information, see Permissions and Privileges in the Genesys Administrator Extension Help.)

    If necessary, work with your GAX administrator to create and assign Users, Access Groups, or Roles as required to provide the following minimum access permissions and role privileges:

    • User must have Read permission for the user’s own Persons object and Read and Execute permissions for the GAX Application object. These permissions enable the user to log in to GAX.
    • User must be a member of a Role that has the Read Plugins privilege. This enables the user to access Genesys Info Mart Manager after logging in to GAX.
    • User must have Read permissions for the Genesys Info Mart Application object. This enables the user to monitor Genesys Info Mart Server. To enable the user to start and stop jobs as well, also provide Execute permissions.

    For information about configuring permissions and privileges, see the GAX Deployment Guide for your 8.5.x release.

Installing Genesys Info Mart Manager

The page about managing plug-ins in the GAX Deployment Guide describes how to use the Software Installation Wizard, together with the Genesys Deployment Agent (GDA), to install a plug-in. However, for Genesys Info Mart Manager specifically, Genesys recommends the following procedure, which is similar to the method for installing language packs. This method does not require you to have any particular privileges to administer GAX.

Procedure: Installing the Genesys Info Mart Manager plug-in

Purpose: To install Genesys Info Mart Manager on the host on which GAX is installed.


You have completed the tasks described in Before You Proceed.


  1. Stop GAX if it is running.
  2. Insert the Genesys Info Mart CD into the CD-ROM drive of the machine on which GAX is installed.
  3. Navigate to the InfomartMgr\windows or InfomartMgr/<UNIX OS> directory, as applicable, and open it.
  4. To install on:
    • Windows, double-click the setup.exe file.
    • UNIX, run the install.sh script.
  5. Follow the directions in the installation wizard. When the wizard prompts you for a destination directory, ensure that you specify a destination directory that is different from the one where GAX is installed.

    The installation wizard installs the Genesys Info Mart Manager plug-in into the destination directory, and then copies the plug-in .jar file into the <GAX installation directory>\webapp\WEB-INF\lib directory. If you install the Genesys Info Mart Manager plug-in in the GAX installation directory, the installation wizard might copy additional .jar files present in that directory, which results in problems with GAX functionality.

Next Steps

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