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Solution Deployment

Before using Solution Deployment to deploy Solutions to local and remote hosts, you must ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Hosts are set up and running at the remote locations, and are running Local Control Agent (LCA) and Genesys Deployment Agent (GDA). Use the instructions in Genesys Administrator Extension 8.1 Help.
  • The following configuration options are defined on the Options tab of the Genesys Administrator Extension server Application object in the asd section:
    • silent_ini_path
    • local_ip_cache_dir
  • Refer to Configuration Options for more information about these options.

  • An appropriate SQL client is installed for solution definitions that include <os:execSQL> commands. You can use the following clients for each database type:
    • Oracle—SQL*Plus
    • Microsoft SQL Server—sqlcmd
    • PostgreSQL—psql
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