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Tomcat Issues

If you encounter problems with your Tomcat host, you can try the following to determine and resolve the problem:

  • From the Tomcat host, ping Configuration Server and Solution Control Server by name and by IP address.
  • From Solution Control Server, ping the Tomcat Host by name and by IP address.
  • From Solution Control Server, telnet to the Tomcat host on all ports, disabling SELinux or any firewalls if necessary.
  • A dedicated Tomcat startup script for Genesys Administrator Extension sets the environment variable GAX_CMD_LINE_ARGS. To check if this variable has been created correctly, use gax_startup.sh and pass parameters using the command line, or use Solution Control Interface or Genesys Administrator.
  • Check that Database Access Points are configured and connected.
  • Check that the ojdbc6.jar file (for Oracle) or jtda-<version>.jar file (Microsoft SQL Server) has been copied into the Tomcat lib directory.
  • Check that gzip compression is enabled in Tomcat for responses.

Ports in Use

The table below shows the typical ports used in a Genesys environment.

Typical Ports Used



22 Remote shell (ssh) connections
80 Webserver; can only be used by Tomcat if it is started from the root.
8080 Web server; any user starting Tomcat may use this
1521 Oracle database connections
1433 Microsoft SQL Server
4999 Local Control Agent
5000 Genesys Deployment Agent (GDA)

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