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Configuration Object Management

Configuration Object Management is responsible for the general management of configuration objects on your system. Configuration objects might include:

  • Users and agents
  • Campaigns
  • DN Groups
  • Tenants
  • User Access Groups

User-related functions are described in Account Management.

System-related functions are described in Configuration Management.

Configuration objects that can be configured in the Accounts menu can also be configured in Configuration Manager, and vice-versa. For example, to create user accounts, you can choose to use the User Accounts page in the Accounts menu, or you can use the Users page in Configuration Manager. Although these processes are different, the created objects are treated the same way in the Configuration Database.

For more information about Configuration Object Management, refer to the Genesys Administrator Extension Help Wiki.

Account Management

The Accounts menu enables the creation and management of user accounts, agent groups, roles, skills, access groups, and capacity rules.

Configuration Management

Configuration Manager enables the creation and management of system-level configuration objects such as Alarm Conditions, Business Attributes, Hosts, and more. Configuration Manager provides functionality similar to the Configuration Manager application that is part of Management Framework.

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