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Configuring GAX Properties

After GAX starts for the first time, it generates the following files in the installation directory:

  • conf/gax.properties
  • webapp
  • logs
  • jsp

You can configure GAX by editing the gax.properties file. The options specified in the gax.properties file are used by GAX before it connects to Configuration Server. To set additional configuration options, see Configuration Options.

Click this link to read more general information about Java-based .properties files.

The following options can be configured:

Option Description Value Default
http_port Defines the HTTP port integer 8080
https_port Defines the HTTPS port integer 8443
supported_protocol Defines the protocol to use when communicating with the server http/https/both http
keystore_path Specifies the keystore path
keystore_password Specifies the keystore password Note: The password is encrypted and must not be modified directly. Instead, refer to Step 4 of Setting up HTTPS for use with Genesys Administrator Extension.
root_url Specifies the root URL (host:port/rootURL) /gax
max_idle_time Specifies the maximum idle time, in milliseconds, before automatic logout 1000*60*60
port Specifies the primary Configuration Server Port integer
host Specifies the primary Configuration Server Host, written as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP
backup_port Specifies the backup Configuration Server Port integer
backup_host Specifies the backup Configuration Server Host, written as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP
app Specifies the GAX Application object
clientApp Specifies the client Application object. Setting this option will override the setting in Options > General > client_app_name
accesslog_enabled Enables HTTP access logging true
accesslog_filename File name for the HTTP access log ./logs/http-yyyy_mm_dd.log
accesslog_timezone Time zone for the HTTP access log GMT
accesslog_append After GAX is restarted, specifies whether to append to existing HTTP access log true
accesslog_extended Specifies whether to include extended information in the HTTP access log false
accesslog_retaindays Specifices number of days to retain the HTTP access log integer 90
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