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Upgrading GAX

This section describes how to upgrade from previous versions of GAX to the current version.

Genesys Administrator Extension uses an embedded instance of Jetty for web-server functions, whereas previous releases have used Tomcat. The following upgrade procedures explain how to upgrade GAX to use Jetty. To continue using Tomcat, you must remove the old <Tomcat Home>/webapps/gax folder and copy the new gax.war file from the GAX installation folder to the <Tomcat Home>/webapps folder.

Upgrading from 8.1.x to 8.1.4

This section contains two procedures. Use the one that applies to your system:

The following are the generalized steps to upgrade GAX 8.1.x to GAX 8.1.4:

  1. Stop GAX.
  2. Install the GAX IP. See Deploying Genesys Administrator Extension for more information.
  3. Execute all applicable database upgrade scripts, if necessary.
  4. Run Setup Mode. See Deploying Genesys Administrator Extension (Existing Deployment) for more information.
  5. Re-install plug-ins that were previously used with GAX 8.1.3. These plug-ins will not function unless they are re-installed after you upgrade to GAX 8.1.4. To re-install these plug-ins:
    1. Use GAX to upload and re-install the plug-in. Refer to Managing Plug-ins for more information.
    2. Copy the plug-in's .jar file from the GAX 8.1.3 folder to the GAX 8.1.4 folder.
  6. Restart GAX.
  • You must upload the plug-in installation package into GAX if the plug-in contains new privileges.
  • If you are migrating from Tomcat to Jetty, you might need to update the paths used in the asd configuration options if they refer to the {CATALINA_HOME} variable that was previously used by Tomcat.
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