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asd Section

This section must be called asd, and is configured in the Genesys Administrator Extension Server Application object of type Generic Genesys Server.

The options in this section are required for the Solution Deployment module in Genesys Administrator Extension.


  • Default Value: ./plugin.data/asd/​gaxLocalCache
  • Valid Values: Any valid folder
  • Changes Take Effect: After Genesys Administrator Extension is restarted.

Specifies the folder where the IP used for the deployment is cached. Caching the IP reduces deployment time if the IP is reused. This option must be set to a UNC path or a local path that points to a directory that can be accessed (with read\write permissions) from the machine that is running the Genesys Administrator Extension server.


  • Default Value: ./plugin.data/asd/​installation/genesys_silent_ini.xml
  • Valid Values: Any valid path and XML file name
  • Changes Take Effect: Immediately.

Specifies the name of the silent installation folder used by ASD. May start with . to resolve the GAX base path automatically based on the local system settings. The default value is sufficient unless the path or file has been changed after installing Genesys Administrator Extension.

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