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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to common questions that IT personnel might have when planning or considering the addition of a Business Edition Premise system to their site. The information on this page applies to 8.5.x versions of Business Edition Premise.

The questions are grouped by Hardware, Software, and Networking.


[+] Can I deploy Business Edition Premise in a High Availability (HA) configuration?

[+] What type of disk configuration is used?

[+] Is the storage disk or data encrypted?

[+] Which system components do I need to monitor (for example, uptime, disks, ports)?

[+] How do I get replacement parts? What is the warranty and service arrangement?

[+] My servers are utilizing the iDRAC7 controller, but I am unable to access or login after several days of continuous use.

[+] What are the memory requirements for Business Edition Premise 8.5.x?


[+] Which operating systems does BEP use?

[+] Does the system include a database?

[+] Can MS SQL Server be used instead of Postgre SQL?

[+] Does the system have a built-in antivirus or anti-malware package?

[+] Which types of authentication methods are used (for example, Kerberos, RADIUS, or LDAP)? Will it work with Active Directory?

[+] Does the system store any personally-identifiable information (PII) or protocol-control information (PCI)?

[+] How do I back up the critical system files and configuration files?

[+] What kind of routine maintenance procedures are required?

[+] How do I update the operating systems for security and critical fixes?

[+] For a multi-VM deployment, is there a specific order in which the Virtual Machines must be powered-on or off?

[+] Are any routing applications deployed automatically during BEP installation?

[+] Where do I get the required licenses?

[+] While executing the tuneup_boe script on the ui VM (for a multi-VM deployment), I received a CMS error. What might be the cause?

[+] During tuneup, I entered incorrect information. What do I do?

[+] I am receiving calls from gateways that are not represented as Trunk DNs in my environment. How do I fix this?

[+] I want to install chat but I am not using the email application. Can I do this?

[+] I have deployed my email (or chat) strategy but they are not routing. What could be wrong?

[+] How do I optimize my Universal Contact Server database so that it does not use too much disk space?

[+] How do I check the software version of the pre-installed components?

[+] I’m making changes to the configuration sever settings. What is the [chef] section used for?

[+] Our installation is in a Middle Eastern time zone. Why do our reports not show the correct local time?


[+] How many IP addresses are required?

[+] Do external vendors require remote access?

[+] Does the server need access to the internet?

[+] Does the system have a built-in firewall?

[+] What are the network speeds, and can I configure network load balancing or link aggregation?

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